About Melinda.in

Fashion is the essence of everything.It has always been the interface between a person and their likes.The colours represents our mood, and the styling represents our personality. But while the whole world has become digital, fashion has slacked.

The Melinda.in story

Here at Melinda.in we construct wonderful garments, enhanced by digital technologies, that are made to last.The methods we use in creating these timeless creations are clean and carefully chosen, respecting the environment and the wearers. We believe that a beautiful product should be beautiful inside and out.Garments that are beautiful and magical give the wearer a feeling of empowerment and uniqueness. The fascination with LED outfits and lighted fashion is perfect for the silver screen, but can they be rendered for the real consumer market? Introducing India's first Lighted Fashion by MELINDA.

These ensembles are not your regular LED bulbs of the ancient times. They have micro LEDs which add sparkle to your outfit and add a new level of sophistication. Some of the attires have programmable LEDs on them which can be controlled through a simple smartphone app. They are not just the regular white light type but have an array of beautiful colours of all shades and tones. These multicolour programmable LEDs are embedded with finesse and you would never know that they are present in your outfit.

The LEDs are also used to light up fibre optics interlaced with fabrics to create an ethereal glowing effect that you could never get with any shimmering fabric.Electroluminescent wires also light up some of the outfits of the collection in unique strokes and pattern.The earlier attempts in this area of fashion involved the use of regular LED Bulbs or single coloured LEDs.For the first time in India, multicoloured micro LED is being used along with fibre optic lighting, electroluminescent fluorescent lighting in Indian garment styles.

MELINDA’s portfolio includes made to measure garments for women, men and kids.In addition the online store also has lighted fashion jewellery. Collections include lighted ensembles and hand painted attires.

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